Nayo Escobar: Viral Interviewer popular on social media

Leonardo Escobar Leal aka Nayo Escobar is a versatile person known for his work as a businessman, singer, and content creator on YouTube. He was born on April 9, 1970 is the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León. As an entrepreneur he co-founded Perfect Design, Quiality Post and Bcx.

Nayo Escobar

His career as a podcaster and author

Since childhood, Nayo Escobar always knew he wanted to be a singer, but he ended up taking different paths driven by societal expectations. He now hosts a program where he interviews individuals who have pursued their passions and found success. Through these interviews, he inspires others to follow their dreams just like the people he features on his show. He is 

In 2018, Nayo started his YouTube channel, hosting "Historias Made Songs," where he interviews people from various fields to share their success stories and life lessons. He has conducted 320 interviews with notable figures such as Mauricio Fernández Garza, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, and Vicente Fox, among others from politics to business and entertainment.

In 2023, Nayo released a book titled "Dreaming, believing and creating" which encourages readers to push their boundaries, face challenges and discover their own individual journey towards achieving their dreams.

Nayo Escobar career as podcaster

Nayo's love for music has motivated him to start a singing career at the age of 46. He expresses emotions through his melodies on his talk show, Stories Made Songs, and has founded multiple rock bands. In addition to pursuing his passion for music, Nayo has utilized his background in finance, marketing, and administration to create his own brand, Nayo Escobar. He has also delved into the world of social media as he continues to search for his purpose.

Personal Life

Nayo is a married man and has two daughters named Daniela and Eugenia. His net worth is estimated to be around US$600k. He has more than 750k followers on Instagram and over 900k subscribers on Youtube platform.


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