Woo Wop, Celebrity kid and rapper

Woo Wop, whose real name is William John Wright Jr., is the nephew of Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr., also known as PontiacMadeDDG. Darryl is a popular comedian, rapper, and YouTuber. Woo Wop was born on January 10, 2016, in Los Angeles, United States. His parents are Brittany Jones and Dajuan Bridge. He is 8 years old.

Woo Wop Age

Woo Wop has an older brother named Robel who was adopted in 2016. Their dad is a popular YouTuber with over 1.53 million subscribers on his channel, DuB Family. He quit his full-time job in Michigan to pursue a career as a content creator. Woo Wop's mom also creates content on YouTube and has over 95 thousand subscribers on her channel. She is also well-known on Instagram, with over 80 thousand followers.

He started featuring on his family channel at the age of 2

Woo Wop started appearing on his family's YouTube channel at the age of 2, with his father now managing their Instagram account. In October 2017, a separate YouTube channel was created specifically for Woo Wop. The DuB Family YouTube channel which has over 1.56 million subscribers showcases a range of content, including food-related videos, skits, pranks, and family games. He is 4 feet 2 inches tall.

Woo Wop Rapper

Woo Wop's notable songs like 4 Years Old, Kill My Grandma, I Wanna Kill, and Just Wanna Wop. Woo Wop's music is also available on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. He has performed at major music festivals like Lollapalooza and Coachella and has collaborated with famous artists such as Wiz Khalifa and Future. He has already performed on major platforms such as JuiceWrld day in December 2022 alongside his uncle PontiacMadeDDG. 


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